Monday, 23 September 2013

Starting this Week!

Durham College will be hosting Open Studio Life Drawing this fall at it's Oshawa campus.  This is available to all DC and UOIT students, alumni and the general public.

The sessions will run weekly from September 25 to December 5 on Wednesday evenings.  All 10 sessions will run three hours, starting at 6 PM and conclude at 9 PM in Room L224.

A PDF of the campus map can be found here:

Sessions will cost $10 individually at the door.  You can buy a 5-session package at room L120 for $40 (you will have to bring your receipt to every session). 

The room can hold about 26 people comfortably.  If overcrowding becomes an issue, priority will be granted to people who bought prepaid blocks, then current students, alumni, and then the general public.

Feel free to ask any questions here and I'll respond as quickly as I can and to the best of my ability.

Hope to see many old and new friends as we get this up and running!


*Banner codes probably mean more to people who have used them in the past.  As an instructor I've not had to deal with them or the process involved in ordering a course.  If anyone knows the process and would like to write it up, I'll happily make it an entry on this blog.

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